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Are you a homeschooler with books gathering dust on your shelf? Books you are finished with, books you bought duplicates of, books you realized too late you can't use???
Laurelwood will buy your books.

So how do I go about this?
Get your list together. Be specific with title, whether it is a student, teacher and so on.

What books does Laurelwood purchase?
We buy many titles, but not all. This is why we need your list so we can evaluate it.

How do I contact Laurelwood when I get my list together?
The best way is to email us by going to our Contact Us page.   You may also call and leave a detailed message 210-901-8602.

How do I get the books to Laurelwood?
Box them up carefully. Do not use newspaper for packing material! It leaves ink on books. Pack boxes full, but not overfull. If you are local, you can drop them off at the shop in the afternoons. Otherwise, mail them to:
Laurelwood Books
1639 Ebenezer Rd
Bluemont, VA 20135

You MUST put your name and address inside each box with a note saying, "These books are for sale." We have many different kinds of shipment coming in.

Who pays shipping?
You pay shipping. Shipping through the postal service is cheapest. Ask for Book Rate (sometimes called Media Mail).

How and when do I get my money?
When we receive your books, we will inventory them, comparing them to the list you originally gave us. Assuming all is correct; we will then send you a check. Homeschoolers from all over the world send us their books. We look forward to helping you turn yours into something more than dust.

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