Frankenstein: Progeny Press Study Guide

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Author: Calvin Roso and Andrew Clausen
Publisher: Progeny Press; loose-leaf format (in clear-front presentation folder)
Ages: 14-18
Grade: High School

Progeny Press Study Guides provide teachers, parents, and students with questions and comparisons from the firm, and timeless, foundation of the Bible. Their study guides deal with literature as works of art and philosophy; explain and use literary terms, and deal with plot construction; dig into why the characters act, believe, and feel as they do and examine what the Bible says in similar circumstances. Easy-to-use lessons include vocabulary exercises, comprehension and analysis, critical thinking, questions on related Biblical principles, activities, plus a complete answer key.

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
A Learning Language Arts Through Literature book; Gold British Literature Book (High School)

After being rescued from an iceberg, Dr. Frankenstein relates his autobiography to the ship's captain, complete with vivid descriptions of his idyllic childhood and passionate cries of regret that not even his love for Elizabeth could control his fanatic ambition. Dr. Frankenstein has been consumed by his desire to create a fully-grown living creature. When he reaches his goal, he perceives his creation as a monster, immediately regrets his work, and promptly abandons it. We also hear the poignant voice of the monster as he describes the spurning and physical attacks he has endured because of his ugliness; his desolate pain and loneliness; how he learns to love; how he finally finds and tries, unsuccessfully, to make peace with his maker; how he learns to hate. A story within a story, Frankenstein is a subtle and ironic prophecy that raises the question of who exactly is the real monster in this story. The text here is from the 1818 edition, which is a mocking expose of leaders and achievers who leave desolation in their wake, showing humanity its choice--to live co-operatively or to die of selfishness.


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