Lyrical Earth Science Vol. 1: CD

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Lyrical Earth Science Vol. 1: Geology
Author: Doug Eldon
Publisher: Lyrical Learning; Book and CD Set
Ages: 9-12
Grades: 4-6

Lyrical Earth Science rewrites the lyrics to well-known songs, replacing them with scientific facts. Lyrical Earth Science is an organized and systematic presentation of concepts, vocabulary, and definitions. They will give you a framework and foundation on which to build your scientific knowledge. Singing these songs is an easy way to learn about smaller but important aspects of life science.
Lyrica Earth Science Vol. 1 uses more old tunes to help you learn foundational geologic information. To help you better understand the earth's surface and how its concepts fit together, we organized the eighteen songs and chapters into three groupings: building up the crust and moving it around, what the crust is made of, and wearing down the crust.

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