A warm welcome and a little about us

We want to WELCOME you to our online store.  Feel free to ask questions about our products.  Read here for a little bit about us.  How we began, how we have changed, and where we are today.  Hopefully, we can keep you abreast of our status.  We will add to this as time goes on.

The beginning: Quite some time ago, we began home schooling (many years ago!)  As we began our journey, we discovered that others wanted to travel the same road but did not know how.  Thus, we began having "How to home school" workshops in our living room. It was not long before we realized that many who began the journey did not know where to get textbooks for their children.  We began a lending library in our living room.  Soon it was difficult to contain and shelves were needed. As we expanded this, we asked publishers if we could buy their products and resell or rent to our growing home school family.  


Hundreds of books became thousands.  Bookshelves lined our hallways, our living room, our dining room.  In 2000, we built a shop with high ceilings and many aisles.  As you can see many years have passed and the books have multiplied.  

Stay tuned for what happened next.

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