Our group number is 299531. What is the group number for? To get a discount on your membership with HSLDA!

First let me introduce you to HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association). This is a group of dedicated lawyers whose purpose and job is to defend, protect and champion the needs of homeschoolers.


PROTECTS your right to homeschool and defends your family. A lawyer is on call 24/7.

PROVIDES fast help by phone or email: Get direct answers to your specific questions about home education. Veteran homeschooling parents are available to answer your questions and help you find resources for teaching your children:

Toddlers to Tweens (PreK through 8th grade)

High school (including preparing for college or career paths)

Struggling learners (special needs/gifted and talented)

PRESERVES homeschool freedom for all families by promoting homeschooling nationwide, as well as by working with state homeschooling groups to pass homeschool-friendly legislation and stop unfavorable bills at the state and federal levels

What else ?

Bimonthly magazine, The Home School Court Report; HSLDA PerX - exclusive member discount; state's homeschooling regulations; Member discounts on other HSLDA programs and services; Buying and selling privileges at the HSLDA Curriculum Market

Frequently Asked Questions

Why become a member?
Joining gives you protection. You hope you never need it, but it’s there for assurance.

Can the group number be used again next year (and the next)? Yes, by all means use it again and again.

Do I need to do something to use the number?
No, but if you use our number, we assume it is because you are one of our customers, that is it! No joining fee with us. We do, however, like to know you have used our number. So, please let us know so we will consider you one of ours.

Do I have to be a member of HSLDA to homeschool?
No, but we do encourage you to join.

Do I send my registration money to Laurelwood?
No, send your money directly to HSLDA, but use our group number to get your discount year after year.

What is the discount?
The discount is about 15% off the regular price. If you need an HSLDA membership form, let us know.

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