Looking at Egyptian Myths and Legends: Isis and Osiris

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Author: Geraldine Harris
Publisher: British Museum Press; Hardcover
Ages: 9-11

The twins Thaues and Taous really lived two thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. The girls came from a poor family and their lives were very hard until one day a priest from the temple came to see them. He gave the girls a wonderful chance - to play the parts of the twin goddesses Isis and Nephthys in a great temple ritual. But first they had to learn about Isis and her husband Osiris and all the magical things that happened to them and to the other Egyptian gods...

Isis and Osiris includes these stories of the Egyptian gods:
The creation of the world
The birth of Isis and Osiris and how they fell in love and married
The secret name of Ra-Atum
The murder of Osiris by his jealous brother Seth
The punishment of Seth
The birth of Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris
Wicked Seth's attempts to kill Horus
How the magic of Isis helped Horus defeat Seth and become the first king of Egypt

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