Looking at Mesopotamian Myths and Legends: Hero King Gilgamesh

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Author: Irving Finkel
Publisher: British Museum Press; Hardcover
Ages: 9-11

Long ago, in a time of magic, there lived a mighty king whose name was Gilgamesh. He ruled a great city, and he was the noblest and strongest of men. Everyone bowed down to him; no fighter could match him. Surely he had everything he could want. But Gilgamesh was restless, and bored. And then the gods created Enkidu, a wild man as powerful as Gilgamesh himself. Enkidu was destined to become the king's dearest friend, and his companion in amazing adventures. A legend was beginning...

The adventures of Gilgamesh include:
Gilgamesh and Enkidu meet
They battle with the monster Humbaba
The killing of the Bull of Heaven
Enkidu's punishment
Gilgamesh's search for the secret of Eternal Life
The story of the Flood
The end of the quest

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