Nightmare Academy

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Author: Frank Peretti
Publisher: Tommy Nelson; Hardcover
Ages: 9-12
Veritas Project, Book Two

They're the Veritas Project team--but only a handful of people know who they really are. Elijah and Elisha Springfield are teenage twins who, along with their parents, have been secretly commissioned by the President to investigate strange mysteries, crimes, and unusual occurences. Their job is to find out not only what happened, but why--the veritas (Latin word for truth) behind today's hottest issues.

Their new assignment: Nightmare Academy
Enter a place where gravity is turned upside down, time runs backwards, and nightmares are real. At one time he was a normal fifteen-year-old boy. He had a name, a family, a school, a life--and he thought he knew something. But that boy, and that time, and that life have become...nothing. His whole mind seems to have been erased. There's no boy here anymore. No knowledge, no thought, no reason. Nothing but terror, endlessly repeating cycles of it, layer upon layer of it, in swirling sounds, images, and sensations. Now he only stares into nothingness and whispers two ominous words...nightmare academy.

Parents, this book is thrilling, like many of Frank Peretti's books, but it is still appropriate for children. One of the best things about this book is the encouragement it gives readers to be an example to their peers and to stand out for their beliefs.

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