Dandelion Killer

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Author: Wanda Luttrell
Publisher: Barbour Publishing; Paperback
Ages: Young Adult & Up

Jayboy Calvin watched the fog rising from the luminous green surface of the river. It swirled and thickened, reaching greedy fingers toward the bank where he stood. And within the fog was the blackness. He knew it was out there. Waiting ... as it had waited for him for over fifty years. He shivered and turned toward the small brick cottage behind him, comforted by the warm glow that fell from the upstairs window onto the lawn below. 'Layna would want him to mow one more time. She hated stubble sticking up through the snow. Even if it was just the stems of a few late-blooming dandelions.

"I won't do it!" he vowed. The rebellious thought trembled in his mind. Then he jerked around to face the river. The blackness was out there tonight. He could feel it. Hidden in the fog. Tugging at its restraints. Eager for the time when it would be turned loose to seep into the moonless, starless night ... to slip inside him ... to fill all his empty spaces with its evil darkness ...

When a brutal murder plunges successful entrepreneur Elayna Evans into a storm of uncertainty and danger, everything she knows--and the people she trusts most--become suspect. Is her lifelong friend, the man with the mind of an eight year old, truly capable of killing?


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