Cat of Bubastes

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The Cat of Bubastes

Author: G.A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed Publications; Hardcover
Ages: 8-12
Period: Ancient Egypt, reign of Thotmes III; fiction

This is the remarkable story of Amuba, the slave prince of the Rebu, his servant, friend, and fellow captive, Jethro, an Israelite slave, Ruth, and their master's children Chebron and Mysa. This fascinating story reveals a great deal about the religion and of ancient Egypt and the daily life and customs of the early Egyptians. This is a great addition to any study on Egypt, and is a great offering to boys and girls alike who may not like to read.

Chebron and Amuba notice that the birds in the family garden are not as friendly as they once were. The boys, suspecting that something has been hunting the birds, bring their arrows and hide in the garden. When they see a hawk, both boys let arrows fly. Amuba's hits the hawk, but Chebron's hits a cat. The cat that Chebron's arrow hits is also the cat chosen to serve in the temple of Bubastes, and is the greatest cat in all Egypt. The death of any cat is an offense punishable by death; the death of the Cat of Bubastes enrages the people and serves as a catalyst for the overthrow of the high priest of Osirus and turmoil for Chebron's family.

About G.A. Henty

G.A. Henty's life uniquely qualified him to be the author of fabulous adventures, having had so many himself. He was with the British army in Crimea, a war correspondent witnessing Garibaldi in Italy, visited Abyssinia, was present in Paris during the Franco-Prussian war, in Spain with the Carlists, at the opening of the Suez Canal, toured India with the Prince of Wales (Edward VII), and took a trip to the California gold fields, just to name a few of his adventures.

G. A. Henty wrote approximately 144 books for children and stories for magazines, earning him the title, "Prince of Storytellers." Henty's heroes have as many varied and textured adventures as himself. His stories and battle accounts have been recognized by historians for their accuracy, and ignited the imaginations of countless children. Children will enjoy reading about battles that are written so they will understand what is happening. His battles are written without equal, having witnessed battles first hand. His stories are currently being reprinted by Preston Speed Publications.


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