Young Carthaginian

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The Young Carthaginian: A Story of the Times of Hannibal
Author: G. A. Henty
Publisher: Preston Speed Publications; Hardcover
Ages: 9-12
Period: Ancient Rome and Carthage, Punic Wars; Fiction

There is more to Hannibal than elephants and the Alps. The struggle between Rome and Carthage was at first a struggle for empire, and afterwards for existence on the part of Carthage. Hannibal defeated the Romans at Trebia, Lake Trasimenus, and Cannae, and all but took Rome. Malchus, Hannibal's cousin, witnesses the political corruption which typified Carthage in its decline. As political parties fight among themselves for supremacy, young Malchus begins to question the usefulness of fighting for a debased civil government. As fans of Henty have come to expect, The Young Carthaginian will expose readers to the manners, customs, religion, and politics of Carthage and Rome.


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