Sounding Forth the Trumpet

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Authors: Peter Marshall and David Manuel
Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company; Paperback
Ages: Young Adult +

This book teaches that the Civil War was fought primarily over slavery. Not economics. Not merely to preserve the Union. Slavery was the major issue--first, last, and always. Slavery was the chief force differentiating the Northern and Southern economies. To preserve slavery and the plantation way of life it supported, the South was prepared, if necessary, to leave the Union. By 1836, when this book opens, the topic had grown so incendiary that a "gag rule" banning any Congressman from presenting any petitions or resolutions concerning slavery had been passed in the House. By the election of 1860, with which this book ends, widespread loathing of slavery had reached the point in the North that Abraham Lincoln, who had reentered politics to combat it, became President. As far as the South was concerned, the handwriting was on the wall. In this fast-paced, intriguing book, the authors explore all aspects of the "peculiar institution"--how it came to be in a Christian republic, how a few dedicated Christians fought for its abolition, and how other Christians sought to convince themselves that God approved of slavery. A children's version (ages 9-12) is also available.

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