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Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction
Author: David McCaulay
Illustrations by David McCaulay
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Ages: 4-8

David Macaulay puts his experience as an architectural student to good use in Cathedral. He begins the book in 1252, when the people of a fictitious French town named Chutreaux decide to build a cathedral after their existing church is struck by lightning. We meet the craftspeople, examine the tools, study their cathedral plans, and watch the laying of the foundation. Week by week we witness the construction of this glorious temple to God. Macaulay intuitively hones in on the details about which we are the most curious: How were those enormously high ceilings built and decorated? How were those 60-foot-high windows made and installed in the 13th century? And how did people haul those huge, heavy bells up into the skyscraper-high towers?

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