Olim, Once Upon a Time, In Latin Reader I

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Date Added: 01/25/2017

5 stars

Never studied Latin before? That’s OKAY! Olim, Once Upon a Time Readers are designed for grades 2 through 5 and teach Latin using parables, stories from the Bible and fables. We used Reader 1 which included The Three Little Pigs, The Tortoise and the Hare and The Crow and the Pitcher. There are simple yet lovely illustrations throughout the reader helping kids to understand visually. There is also a sidebar on each Latin story page which provides the meaning of words as you read.

I love how the exercises in the workbook range from being simple, just an opportunity to better learn the words and remember all of the vocabulary, but then they also go deeper for those who want to dig in a bit more. Basic exercises can include translating from Latin to English and also from English to Latin. There are fill in the blank exercises as well as matching games. Digging Deeper and Digging for Treasure give kids the chance to have a little adventure as they learn. When you do Digging for Treasure, it really gets exciting! Translate sentences…Write translations…This is fun stuff! Especially for my son who has really gotten into puzzles and secret codes and cryptography.

This really is a fun and gentle way to help your kids learn Latin. It really isn’t nearly as overwhelming or difficult as you may think. There are a number of levels available, both reader and workbook, to encourage your kids too as they move along. Each one is filled with stories that are familiar and good to read. Especially for struggling and reluctant readers, these are such a blessing! We are definitely planning to continue with Reader I and will very likely be looking to collect the other levels as we move through these. These are simple and affordable and fun! What more could we ask for?

Jennifer K
by Old Schoolhouse R.

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