Olim, Once Upon a Time, In Latin Workbook II

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Date Added: 03/15/2017

5 stars

Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin is a series of six Latin readers and workbooks. No prior Latin experience is required for any of the readers or workbooks. Answers are provided in the back of the book. The front of the workbook has a pronunciation guide and list of Roman Numerals.

Latin grammar is taught in the workbooks with simple exercises like matching, fill-in the blank, and vocabulary exercises in English and Latin. Every few lessons there is a “Digging Deeper” section in the workbooks. These sections go over derivatives, verb tense, infinitives, cases and other bits of grammar. The workbook also had a “Digging for Treasure” section for each story. These were marked by a shovel and contained clues for decoding a Bible verse. At the end of each story my daughter was able to learn a verse in Latin and translate it into English herself.

Other than helping her to pronounce a few words the curriculum was mostly hands off for me. The reader always directed her to the proper pages to be done in the workbook after reading a section. She always managed to get her lessons done in fifteen to twenty minutes each day. I thought this was a great curriculum for an early introduction to Latin.

Audra S.
by Old Schoolhouse R.

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