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Patriotic Penmanship Transition (manuscript to cursive)


This book was perfect for my boy as he began his quest for better penmanship. He has long been fascinated by all things history so the patriotic bent of the 20 lessons appealed to him from the start (and fueled his desire to learn more about what he was reading as he practiced writing -- what a bonus). The Transition book helps students bridge the gap from print to cursive by offering practice in both.

Patriotic Penmanship Transition begins with practice of both the manuscript and cursive alphabet. These are simple pages that give lines for the multiple writing of letters where students practice by first tracing the dashed lines that show how to correctly form each letter and repeat that until the end of the page. After completing this practice, students are ready to begin their lessons.

Each two-page lesson is designed to be one week's worth of work. 20 lessons = 20 weeks of handwriting practice. There is a patriotic quote (or Bible verse or hymn portion) to be read in full which is then broken down into bite-sized phrases for students to trace and practice writing on their own. Each phrase is presented in both traceable manuscript and cursive and there is a blank line for students to re-write the phrase themselves without the dashed-line helps. These books offer to meet any student right where they are and help move them to the next level of competency. That's exactly what we needed at our house!

Lynn M
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