Olim, Once Upon a Time, Derivative I (Latin-English)

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Date Added: 01/19/2017

5 stars

Using a unique approach, author Mary Ellen Tedrow-Wynn uses fables, parables, and Bible stories as the primary vehicles for teaching Latin. In this book, words and sentences are presented in English and in Latin. Delightful, pencil-drawn illustrations throughout the derivatives book enhances learning and give students visual clues as they read the exercises in English and Latin.

Workbook exercises should not be overwhelming, even for younger students, if you work through them a little at a time. Answer keys are at the back of each workbook.
For children ready to learn Latin grammar, “Digging Deeper” sections in each workbook lesson teach grammatical concepts. However, students are not required to conjugate verbs or figure out declensions for nouns. The idea is that by continuous exposure and instruction students will learn much of this through familiarity.

Derivatives 1 can be used as a stand along workbook or fits well with their other Latin books and readers. I would strongly encourage any family in school or home educated to look at this Latin program. It is easy to follow. I looked at the book and could clearly understand how to help my daughter learn Latin words which helped her English vocabulary.

Julie B.
by Old Schoolhouse R.

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