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Olim, Once Upon a Time, In Latin Reader VI


Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin, Reader VI and Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin, Workbook VI is a definite hit in our homeschool. They are not very thick, but they are packed with educational goodness. The reader isn't your average reader. This covers "The Prodigal Son" in both Latin and English, so your students can get a better sense of how the words directly translate. Teamed with the corresponding workbook, your student will have various activities and tools to reinforce the learning.

I found the reader to be laid out in such a way that it is easy for the student to understand and navigate. The Latin side of the story has a nice margin with Latin to English words for easier translating. The illustrations match between the English and Latin parts which add a visual aid for being able to translate, also. The workbook features a "how to pronunciation" guide and Roman Numerals. We have enjoyed using this reader and I plan to look into the other Latin products offered, such as Derivatives.
Date Added: 11/18/2016 by Old Schoolhouse Reviews
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