Olim, Once Upon a Time, In Latin Workbook VI

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Date Added: 12/15/2016

4 stars

I truly never thought Latin would be a part of our homeschool, but here we are loving all things Latin! Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin, Reader VI and Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin, Workbook VI is a definite hit in our homeschool. The workbook has your student referring back to the reader to translate the words needed or fill in the blanks. Your student will have various activities and tools to reinforce the learning. Inside the workbook you will find matching, fill in the blank, and cross over translating exercises along with coloring pages. I am a big fan of the additional "Digging Deeper" exercises located in the book. The answer key is located in the back of the workbook.

We will continue to use this series and I plan to look into the other Latin products offered, such as Derivatives.

Missica P.
by Old Schoolhouse R.

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