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Scripture Scribes: Men of Honor, Women of Grace


I want to start off by saying this book is beautiful, we all love the look and feel of the cover. Men of Honor Women of Grace is divided into 22 lessons covering a different character trait per lesson. Each trait is introduced with the question What is...?; then the question is answered by giving the dictionary definition and the biblical definition. Some of the character traits are joy, peace, humility, and truth to just name a few.

There are quotes and verses of scripture about that trait that can be traced and/or copied. On each page the scripture or quote is beautifully printed inside of a box. Directly underneath each box the verse is repeated to allow the student to trace the words and there are blank lines where the student can just write the quote. Part way through the book there are charts that show the development of the scriptures, and in the back of the book there is a little bit about the history of copying scriptures.

I am having my daughter use this Scripture Scribes. She needs to work on her penmanship and I love that she is practicing using character trait verses and quotes. I think the size of the font is perfect for age and is very pretty without being too fancy. The Development of Scriptures is a great chart to have. Sure we can look up who wrote each book, when, and in what language but it is very nice having it in all in one place. Amber likes using this book because it only takes a few minutes a day. She also likes the variety of quotes that were chosen for this book.

Lisa M.
Date Added: 03/16/2017 by Old Schoolhouse R.
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